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About us

Espadrij l’originale: the original Sommerfeeling to go. We stand for high-quality espadrilles and quality summer accessories made in Europe. Together with our home accessories and loungewear products from the Espadrij maison® Collection we create a world that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Always following the southern French laissez-faire feeling for a harmonious interplay of comfort, style and craftsmanship.

We gather our inspiration on our travels: whether near or far, we are always looking for new ideas that harmonize with our origin. Our shoes are produced in its traditional way in French and Spanish espadrille factories, where many productional steps are still done by hand. The experienced employees know every move, optimizing the production over generations and ultimately guaranteeing our unmistakable Espadrij l'originale® look.

The same work ethic and effort are put into our accessories and loungewear, which are produced in Morocco, Portugal and Turkey. It is of high importance to us to produce as sustainable as possible and with short transport routes. That’s why we also source our productions as locally as possible. Espadrij l’originale® is a European company, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. From here, we develop new designs, cover the areas of sales, logistics, PR and marketing in-house. From here we receive manage and pack your order our selves- because everything we do, we do with love!