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The CLASSIC by Espadrij l´originale- a timeless classic. 

The traditional Espadrilles are made with a high quality, tight canvas material and a thick, robust jute sole. The natural rubber works as a water repellent. Available for the whole family!


Made in France. 


"Wear me tight like your favorite jeans!"

The classic must sit tight when wearing at first, after a short while it will fit your foot perfectly. 


Surface material: Canvas/ Cotton

Inner lining: water repellent natural rubber and jute 

Care Instructions

No summer without my Espadrij l´originale- with the right care it works. 

The primary rule of thumb is to avoid water and wetness, as the jute sole dries very slowly and odours can from. If you are surprised by the rain, dry your shoe quickly- wether in the sun or on the heater, it doesn´t matter. Washing in the washin machine is not recommended. A cleaning brush with firm bristles helps with superficial dirt such as dust and sand stains. Carefully rub the affected area to remove the dirt from the canvas surface. Then tap or vacuum off at a low level. More stubborn mishaps, such as ice-cream stains, can be removed with a damp- not we- cloth and, if necessary, some soap. Then dry the shoe as quickly as possible. It is also advisable to impregnate the shoes before they are worn for the first time and after each cleaning. 


Available in sizes 35 to 42.

  • 100muteR1.F91G35