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  • 505R1.F11G35
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  • braided cotton structure
  • typical Classic shape
  • slightly raised sole 
  • Made in Spain
  • 505R1.F11

Surface material: Cotton
Sole: Water repellent natural rubber and jute 


Here, too, the rule is to avoid water and wetness and to impregnate before wearing for the first time. Ideally, remove superficial dirt with a suede brush, which can be purchased in any shoe shop. L' Attention - always brush in the direction the leather is running! If there are stubborn stains, treat the shoe with a damp cloth - but over the entire surface, as spot treatment will only result in water stains. Then stuff your shoe with paper to keep it in shape.

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Short distances

As a brand, we want to take responsibility for our actions and take care of our environment. We achieve this through our traditional European production facilities, which enable short transport routes. Through our in-house design department and in-house product warehouses, we shorten transport and communication routes that are common in the industry.

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Responsible production

In the manufacture of our products, we make sure that - where possible - we use only natural and sustainable materials to live up to our values. The packaging is made of recycled material (FSC certified). Our production facilities operate under fair conditions. In addition, employees are compensated above average, which we ensure, among other things, through regular on-site visits.

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Long-term partnership

It is important to us that our partners represent the same values as our entire team, which is why we work almost exclusively with long-established and traditional family businesses. For the sake of our brand and our products, we rely on long-term partnerships based on mutual respect and trust. This allows us to have transparent processes and communication, which enables us to keep our promise of quality to our customers.