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No summer without my Espadrij l´originale- with the right care, it works. 


The primary rule of thumb is to avoid water and wetness, as the jute sole dries very slowly
and odours can form. If you are surprised by the rain, dry your shoe quickly- wether in the
sun or on the heater, it doesn´t matter. Washing in the washing machine is not recommended.
A cleaning brush with firm bristles helps with superficial dirt such as dust and sand stains.
Carefully rub the affected area to remove the dirt from the canvas surface.
Then tap or vacuum off at a low level. More stubborn mishaps, such as ice-cream stains,
can be removed with a damp- not wet - cloth and, if necessary, some soap.
Then dry the shoe as quickly as possible. It is also advisable to impregnate the shoes before
they are worn for the first time and after each cleaning.  


Also applied here- avoid water and wetness, and impregnate before the first wearing.
Ideally, superficial dirt should be removed with a suede leather brush, which can be purchased
in any shoe shop. L´Attention- always brush in the running direction of the leather!
Should stubborn stains be present, treat the shoe with a damp cloth- but over the entire surface,
as a punctual treatment only leady to water stains. Then stuff the shoe with paper to keep it in shape. 


Smooth leather Espadrilles can be wiped off with a damp cloth. However, do not let the sole get wet.
Then treat with a standard leather care cream or impregnating spray- et voilá! 


Wool felt is a very easy- care material due to the wool grease- a natural stain protection.
Fluff, dust and other superficial dirt can be vacuumed off or brushed off on a simple level. 
Stains should be treated immediately, ideally with a sponge and lukewarm water- carefully dab off. 

If you follow the instructions, the Espadrilles will not only look great the first time you wear them,
but also for the next seasons to come.

Bon voyage- your Espadrij l`originale- Team!